Looking Back/Looking Forward – 2nd March 2014

I’m linking up once again with Hannah at Make Do and Push for her The Week That Was Captured.

Looking Back

This week seems to have gone quite quickly.  We started on Sunday with homemade sausage and egg muffins at my parents and a trip out to see my sister’s new storage unit for all her costumes and props for Rockabetty Studios.  I’m incredibly proud of the way she’s built the business up and the storage unit represents a huge step for her, it’s one step closer to having her own place and her own studio.  The storage place was really eerie though, with this weird piped music echoing down the corridors.  It all started creaking at one point too!!

We had Woody’s 10 week neonatal check up at the hospital, with a Lovely Dr who looked so much like Dr Ranj Singh I had to do a double take! The good news is that Woody’s right on track and they were very pleased with his development, they don’t think he’s going to have any lasting effects from birth.  The Dr said that his distress had been quite short (hence his fast delivery) and that he recovered quite quickly too, so it’s all looking good on that front.  Back in 6 months time.

I finally got back on the exercise wagon on Tuesday evening and started again with the Zombies, Run! 5k training programme.  Admittedly I’ve not managed it since as my surgery thigh (that’s what I’m going to call it) has been really painful since.  I also had my first post-Woody bath.  Now, I know that sounds minging, I shower daily I assure you, but our bath is so crap that I really have to WANT to have a bath to get in it.  It’s an old whirlpool bath so it has metal studs all over the bottom and if you move too suddenly you draw the cold water out of the pipes that has been festering in there for god knows how long! I’m exagerrating, but it really is a horrible bath.  When we’re looking at houses, Andy looks at the garden and I look at the bath tub!!

Thursday was finally payday!! So of course, I went and did a food shop and spent way too much money, as is always the case with the first shop of the month! Woody came with and slept his way around once I’d managed to rock him to sleep, which is no mean feat in a trolley! I think I overdid it though as my ‘wound’ (I have no idea what else I’m meant to call it!) has been quite sore since then, oops!

Thursday also saw my first proper post-Woody night out with my mum and my sister to see We Will Rock You.  It was brilliant, I really want to go and see it again.  Also, I really want someone to make me a Killer Queen outfit. The actress/singer playing her at the minute, Brenda Edwards, was just brilliant!  It was a belated birthday treat for my mum, I should’ve taken a picture but I bought her a little boy and a little girl charm for her Pandora bracelet.

Scarlett was sent a lovely parcel of hair goodies by one of my Twitter girls, along with a lovely card, so sweet. I think her donating her hair has touched a lot of people, another friend decided to do the same this week and has gone for the big chop.  She’s such an inspiration!

And we ended the week with Friday night snuggles on the sofa in onesies. Perfick!

2nd March 01

Clockwise from Main:
Eerie corridors of storage
Lex in her very exciting little metal box
Homemade sausage and egg muffins

2nd March 02

Clockwise from Main:
Post jog bath – lush (mostly)
Taking my cankles out for first post-Woody exercise
Having a snooze in the sunshine on Tuesday afternoon

2nd March 03

Clockwise from Main:
With my mum and sister after our pre-theatre Wagamamas
Card and present for my ma
Freddie outside the Dominion Theatre
On le bus (as we missed our train!)

2nd March 04

Clockwise from Main:
Little smiles (but no hands!)
Scarlett in her new hair pretties
Sibling onesie love
Woody sleeping his way through the weekly shop


Looking Forward

We’re heading up to London today for our first London outing as a family of four. Wish me luck!

I’ve got my first counselling appointment at the hospital on Monday with the counsellor midwife. I will report back!

We’ve another Osteo appointment with Woody on Wednesday (I still haven’t blogged about that!).

Thursday is shaping up to be a busy day with coffee hangs with Carly and Joe, Parents’ Evening and a trip to Byron for my sister’s birthday. Phew!

What have you got planned this week?  Have a good one y’all!



  1. Busy week! Well done on the exercising, and good luck with the counsellor MW. Be interested in how that goes. Kx

    • Thank you, need to get back on the exercise wagon again this week!

      MW Counsellor went quite well, I’ll do a proper post, hopefully tomorrow!

  2. Ooh what’s the zombie run?? Where is Woody’s sleepsuit from? It’s so sweet.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    • Zombies, Run! is an app with a whole storyline that you’re trapped in a base surrounded by Zombies. They train you up to be a good enough runner to evade the zombies and run for supplies. I’m doing their C25K app as I cannot run (to save my life!)

      Woody’s sleepsuit is from John Lewis but it’s a hand me down from my Godmother (Jackie P, Queen of Bootfairs, Charity Shops, Jumble Sales and resources for nearly new kids clothes!)

  3. Wow, busy week! Impressed with the exercising too! Vicky x

  4. Sounds like a busy week! Well done with the exercising – good job. Love Woody’s sleepsuit x

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