#MarriedMay – Flowers

Ah, so I’m now sitting here singing the perennial club classic, Flowerz by Armand Van Helden, ahhhhh, lovely.

Flowers are a bit of a sore subject for me, only in a foot-stampy, spoilt brat kind of way.

Y’see, I really wanted purple carnations in my bouquets.  Having always detested carnations I came to see them in a new light when Andy bought me a bouquet with orange roses, gerberas and these dark purple carnations.  Well, that was it, my mind was made up, I had to have them in my bouquet.  Did it matter that our florist couldn’t get them?  Nope!  (Yeah, I really am a brat!)

In the end we settled on a real variety of purples and greens in the bouquets and centrepieces.

My favourites in the end were the dusky purple Blue Moon roses that featured mainly in the button holes.  As you can see, we also added some rosemary to Andy’s buttonhole in reference to his penchant for cooking and the Kermit Chrysanthemums which matched the lime green theme perfectly (and also Andy’s favourite colour).


We also had Limonium and our florist managed to find some really nice green carnations, which again totally changed my opinion carnations.


I’ll let you in on a secret, we kinda cheated with the large purple peonies in my bouquet – they were actually silk.  Weeks later they were tellingly the only thing still alive…!

I was always really specific about our centrepieces too, and managed to knock the price up considerably by insisting on having limes lining the vases.  The one shown below we had on the registrars table and had large green chrysanthemums and green roses, the main centrepieces were actually purple  but I cannot remember for the life of my what they had in them!


As for the purple carnations, well, they weren’t missed, Sharon our florist did such a fabulous job it didn’t matter at all!  Also, I’m pretty sure I single handedly reaffirmed her decision not to do weddings….!!


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  1. The flowers were great weren’t they, spectacular really!

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