#MarriedMay – First Dance

I’ve not managed to do as many blog posts as I would’ve liked for Married May, but we’ve moved house in the last 10 days so things have been a little bit hectic around here!

Our First Dance was to Chuck Berry’s, You Never Can Tell.  Andy and I don’t really have a song that is ‘ours’. I think we both like such different and varied things that whilst I might think something by the Beastie Boys might be resonant for our relationship (you never know!), he would think it was absolute dirge and would pick something by Duran Duran (or other, appropriately 80s band…)


You Never Can Tell was picked by a couple of our guests for the evening playlist – as part of our RSVP form we asked people to choose up to three songs (I have to say, there were some bloody good choices in there, and some rather questionable ones that we chose to exclude…!)

As the day drew nearer we realised that we hadn’t given much, if any, thought to the first dance, we had decided at various points that we just weren’t going to do one or that we’d just play something by The Specials and pogo our way through it!  We knew, absolutely, utterly knew (no offence everyone!), that we didn’t want three minutes of awkward shuffling to something slow.  Sorry, as I say, that’s likely to offend a lot of people, but I just didn’t want that to happen, it always ends up being awkward, everyone standing around watching, awwing, taking photos.  And so we chose to pretty much ignore it, pretend it wasn’t going to happen!

Come the Thursday before the wedding we realised we’d better do something. So we trawled the playlist and You Never Can Tell came up.  Not that we’re teenagers but the first line talks about a ‘teenage wedding where the old folk wished them well.”  We realised it had quite a good beat and that we could probably throw some of our swing dancing knowledge to it.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, many moons ago, Andy and I had enrolled in Swing Jive lessons with Surrey Jive. They were brilliant and I really enjoyed our lessons. Sadly, we didn’t practice as much as we should’ve, and despite saying we’d go back in the run up to the wedding, things obviously didn’t quite work out that way.


In the end, we didn’t remember enough to fill the entire song. So we decided to start off with a bit of good old hand jiving a la Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. As any keen movie fan will know, You Never Can Tell was the song Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega danced to in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Competition.  Copying their moves for the first verse of the song seemed to work well followed by the short bit of swing dancing we were able to remember!


Come the day of the wedding, things went slightly wobbly.  The plan had been to do our first dance, then present the band which we had kept a secret, Beatles for Sale, then a playlist of stuff we had chosen that took us from the 50s right up to current day (being the music nut I am, I had my own playlist, the aforementioned Dance Through The Decades, and then the second playlist for after the 2nd band set which was all the stuff chosen by our guests.  I think I even had a special 10 minute playlist to be played at the end of the night – of course, we weren’t there so I don’t know if this happened!!)

In the end, ‘George’ got stuck on the motorway so we had to do our first dance and then into the first playlist. This worked really well as it meant we could get people up and dancing straight away to limit the embarrassment factor!

I was given a large glass of whiskey, and off we went….


Sadly I don’t have a video anymore, we had uploaded it to YouTube but thanks to Copyright infringement it was removed! I think we did pretty well if I do say so myself.  I think one of Andy’s friends even more or less said, “For a bigger girl, you can dance really well….!”  Why thank you!


  1. Awww sweet!! We thought about having this song for a while and doing the Pulp Fiction dance but decided not to as (unless I was arseholed which I didn’t want to happen on my wedding day) I’d’ve died with embarrassment as I never ever dance!! Looking good in your pics!

    • I look like a bit of a tit! I’d had a HUGE glass of whiskey and we just went for it. It was a massive laugh and over surprisingly quickly! I’m kinda proud we did it, Andy seems to have no shame (as the photos will prove!!)

  2. These photos are gorgeous, it looks like you had great fun.

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Have a look at my latest post (no pressure to join in!) xx

    • Oh that looks loads of fun! I’m being whisked away somewhere tomorrow for our anniversary but I will definitely have a stab next week!

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