So this week I have drafted a couple of really passive aggressive emails – most recently about 20 minutes ago.  I decided to send an email to a local Joinery firm to tell them that I did try to warn one of their drivers that his brake lights were out but he ignored me.  I… Read Article →

As 2015 finally fucked off and we welcome 2016 in style (sat on the sofa, watching the fireworks on the telly) Andy turned to me and said 2016 was about two things: Buying a House Losing Weight And he’s pretty much spot on.  2016 is definitely about those things, that’s the macro view any way…. Read Article →

It’s been a while (again).  Life just gets in the way. When I think back over this past year, I sometimes consider it a triumph I’ve actually made it to December in one piece. There’s things I’ve never really spoken about.  Sad things, between Andy and I, that all started unravelling around this time last… Read Article →

For the uninitiated, Yonderland comes from the brilliant minds behind Horrible Histories (which we are HUGE fans of here at Chez Hiorns).  It’s funny, weird and a little bit grown up.  It features the same cast getting to raid the dressing up box with Martha Howe-Douglas playing the Chosen One, Debbie of Maddox (the ‘of’… Read Article →

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